Linden Oaks Therapy Offices (LOTO) is a suite of offices within the building at 100 Linden Oaks Drive, at which a unique blend of independent mental health practitioners have chosen to locate their offices and conduct their individual practices.

Through their independent practices a wide array of psychotherapy services are available to be provided by licensed therapists including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists and social workers.

DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE THAT LOTO refers only to the suite of offices where the independent practitioners have their offices. It is not an entity itself. It is not licensed to and it does not engage in the practice of any profession or render any professional services. The practitioners conducting their practice at the LOTO offices are each independently owned, operated and conducted. Each such practitioner is solely and individually responsible for the services he, she or they render. LOTO is not and shall not be responsible for the professional or other services provided by any practitioner. LOTO does not endorse or recommend the services of any practitioner. Patients, clients and others seeking to obtain professional services from a practitioner practicing at the LOTO offices should make their own evaluation as to the qualifications of the practitioner and the services he, she or they provide.
About LOTO
Linden Oaks Therapy Offices is an office facility housing independent mental health therapists in an easily accessed location. Patients, clients and others make their own choice as to the right practitioner for their particular needs.

The independent therapists currently located at LOTO provide counseling and therapy in the following areas: Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy, and Child and Adolescent Therapy.

Come In
With over 15 independent practicing therapists there are day and evening hours available, as well as Saturday hours. Appointment availability varies with each therapists.

Please call 585-586-1600 to make an appointment today.

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